Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Thoughts: Guantlet

Hello, I am the lone writer of Gem Mint, Denzel Crockett. This segment is dedicated to recent stories or news I have read about comic book. Basically, it is a rant. I wanted to first wanted to cover the recent news about Spider-Man. Coming out of Red-Headed Stranger, which I will most definitely skip, is Gauntlet. A new arc in which old Silver-Age Spider-Man villains, members of the Sinister Six, return and from the looks of it take a toll on Wall-Crawler.

I love supervillains and think today comic book stories don't show enough of them. For instance I was hoping for the Joker to be in Battle for the Cowl, but instead it was only Penguin, Two-Face and the new Black Mask. If these villains would reform to reek revenge on Spider-Man it would be an exciting issue, cliche, but exciting. By observing the cover I can tell by the various paraphernalia, that Mysterio could be making a returns, I would like to see if this is the Mysterio from Amazing Spider-Man #453, since Quentin Beck killed himself in Daredevil #7, driven insane by Daredevil he shot himself in the same manner as Kraven the Hunter. That time Beck didn't fake his death this time. Doctor Octopus is currently banned from the SS by Sandman in Issue #412, so I assume he won't be in this but he will be in Issue #600

Mark Waid has been know not to change continuity or retcon to an extent to @#$% up history. With recent appearances of Hammerhead and Green Goblin it's about they bring back Sandman, coming off of Spider-Man 3 his return is three years overdue. But there is a possibility that this isn't the Sinister Six but just the villains from the Sinister Six.

Anyway I can't wait to see a much more exciting Spider-Man story arcs to heal the wounds cuased by Brand New Day

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