Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flash Rebirth #3

Basically, Flash Rebirth is composed of: what happens after the cliffhanger, a bunch of speedsters nobody cares about dying, and a cliffhanger, no originality. It starts out with a few pages with reused dialogue that nobody cares about. The next page begins the story with Barry as the Black Flash. He's not allowed to touch any of the other speedsters so he is kept in containment. Then more worthless dialogue between Barry and Iris. Some pages in Flash: Rebirth are unnecessary, especially Barry's bow tie. Barry is overcame by an insatiable urge and escapes, warning everyone to get away especially the speedsters.

Overcome by confusion, Barry wants to go back to the speed force, were he's been for 20 years now. 4 more page of Wally West running and it looks like Johnny Quick is dead, Max Mercury just died too. Then Zoom appears at the end of the book. I see no enjoyment in Flash Rebirth just confusion and wasted talent.

If I was writing Flash, I would have Barry learning to take the role of being a superhero again and having him adapting to his villains changes over the years. Maybe Weather Wizard is getting stronger and Barry wasn't expecting much from him or the Rogues try to challenge Barry thinking he's gone soft.

Essentially, this issue is so airy it falls through my hands. The most entertainment in this issue is the art. The penciling is just beautiful. Van Sciver is a master t visual story telling. Geoff John is great with Green Lantern but he's doing something different, something I don't like. If this is what is going to happen to Barry he should have just stayed dead

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