Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amazing Spiderman #597

To start of the cover isn't consistent with the story, don't get me wrong it's awesome, but Spider-Man is wearing the black Venom costume made by Reed Richards and Venom and Iron Patriot and Venom aren't in this issue. It isn't rare for the cover to not have anything to do with the comic book.

Th story comes directly out of last issue, Peter Parkers infiltrates the Avengers Tower to see what Norman's deal is. Turns out he's planning to recruit his son into his team. Daken finds out this isn't Gargan and fights Spider-Man. 

I wish Peter could have pretended to be Venom until next issue, that wouldn't have made the issue so rushed. Also Joe Kelly writes a more entertaining but less adult version of the Avengers that Bendis

Overall I came in on the issue ready to wail on it for being a Spider-Man comic be surprisingly I'm ready for the new issue

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