Thursday, June 25, 2009

Green Lantern #42

Oh boy, was I excited for this one. Mainly, because it the last issue Hal Jordan got his hand chopped off!!!!

The cover is a homage to Issue #39 With Hal embracing the orange light instead of Larfleeze. The issue begins with Larfreeze in possession of his new blue ring, but it turns out Hope and Greed don't mix. Hal's amputation and dispossession of his ring was a mear illusion. Resuming their battle, Hal makes his own set of avatars to fight the Orange Lanterns. The guardians eventually tell him they 'cannot allow his greed to grow beyond this star system'. Astonishisedby their violation of their own pact he lets his guard down long enough for Hal to swipe the lantern. 

Going back to the cover, Hal has been a Green Lantern, Red Lantern, and seemingly an Orange Lantern. The truth is he was a OL for a page.  More fighting leads to Larfleeze's defeat. Hal seems to run out of Hope and the ring searches for a new owner.

The story was great, mostly because the artwork complimented to fighting and action in this issue.  But I also saw on some panels the art was inconsistent and a little deformed. I just started reading GL with issue #39 and it has been #1 on my favorite comic list since. 

The conclusion was incredibly funny, it was satisfying end .The backstories are unnecessary and generally could be explained in the main story. 

Overall it was an awesome arc and I really hope to see Larfleeze in Blackest Night.

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