Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Biting off more than I can Chew

I first heard of Chew in an episode of iFanboy , knowing the issue had sold out and my LCS only really focuses on Superheroes I predicted it would take some time for me to get a second printing. The setting in an America in which there is a bird flu pandeminc, which strangely mirrors the swine flu pandemic now. 
Becuase of the bird flu chicken and poultry items are outlawed and being smuggled illeagally. The police and the F.D.A. are investigating the activity of smuggling of chicken. Tony Chu was an cop whose partner was killed by a serial killer during a sting. Chu's something called a cibopath, so he can understand the history of something by ingesting and masticating.

I would have overlooked this one if I haven't heard how good it was. The whole series is so peerless and original, it's hard to review it. The writing is chocked full of tongue-in-cheek jokes and a sureal art-style. It would be unwise to not check it out becuase it isn't a superhero comic. I highly recomend this series if you can pick up a second printing of the first two issues.

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